Wedding Rituals in Goa
Wedding rituals are essential parts of weddings in India and wedding in Goa are no exception. Goa Wedding rituals are admired not only by people of Goa but a large number of couples from other parts of India and even abroad as they have a great respect for these rituals. Being a predominately state, its people have great respect for rituals of other parts of India, thus receiving a large number of couple to tie the knots at this most romantic destination of India.

Wedding Rituals in Goa

Weddings in all the societies are marked by the rituals of that society. Every society has to adjust with the changing norms of society but the rituals remains the same. Goa wedding rituals are best example of that kind.

With changing times the older norms are giving way to newer ones. The rules of marriages are being redefined and now couples have greater influence in the marriages as compared to the olden times. Goa Wedding may have gone through a sea change but wedding rituals in Goa remains the same.

The Goan wedding rituals start with Utor, a pre wedding ceremony that is first ritual in the weddings. Utor is a formal agreement to get married.

The Utor ritual is followed by the engagement ceremony when the bride and groom exchange rings. The ritual performed at the bride's place is attended by the relatives of both sides.

Sometimes before the day of wedding the families of bride and grooms go to shop fabric for the bridal gown to be tailored. Later the fabric is handed over to the tailor. The other belongings like saddo and other things are also bought.

One of the essential parts of the wedding rituals in Goa is getting Civil Registration form the office of Civil Registrar. Registration is must according to the existing Portuguese Civil Code.

Weddings banns are read on the three consecutive Sundays. objections if any can be made during this period.

Special Features
The bride wears Chudo on the day of first bann. The other Goan wedding ritual is Ross and Bicareanchem jevonn. In these rituals lunch is offered to beggars to commemorate the departed souls to seek their divine blessings for the couples.
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