Catholic Weddings
Wedding ceremonies are moments of celebrations in almost all corners of the world. Being more than a seven lettered word, weddings are synonymous with human emotions like commitment, mutual respect, care and sacrificing your ego for your spouse. Catholic Weddings in Goa exhibit all these things. Goan catholic weddings are mostly solemnised in churches. Previously arranged marriages were only form of wedding in this community but in recent years love marriages are also getting acceptance.

Catholic Weddings in Goa

Wedding ceremonies are largely ruled by the religious beliefs. Followers of every faith love to tie the nuptial knots as per the norms of their religions and Catholic Weddings in Goa also follow the same. In the times when society is going under a phase of transition the catholic wedding has welcomed the changes and adapted well with the changing times. Right from the Utor when a formal agreement is made regarding the weddings to other stages every moment of the Goan catholic weddings has deep spiritual meaning. The role of the middleman is fast declining if not vanished.

After Utor the next ceremony in Goan catholic weddings is engagement when bride and groom exchange rings. The ceremony held at the brides place is blessed by the family members and relatives of both sides.

Well ahead the day of weddings efforts are made for the bridal gown. Relatives of both the sides go for shopping to buy fabrics which later on handed to tailors to prepare the gown.

Getting Civil Registration form the office of the Civil Registrar is essential as per the existing Portuguese Civil Code.

The Banns is another ceremony in which wedding bands are announced on the three regular Sundays. Objection if any can be made in this period. The catholic wedddings in Goa like other places is replete with number of rituals. Chuddo ceremony is one such ritual performed at the place of brides maternal uncle. Applying Ross to the different body parts of the bride and groom is one of the interesting features of the catholic weddings in Goa.

Special Features
In the ceremony called Bicareanchem jevonn, lunch is offered to beggars in the memory of departed souls so to win their blessings for the occasion and couple as well.
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