Best Time for Wedding in Goa
Wedding are most important affairs of ones life. There cant be a universally suitable time to get married in Goa as everyone has their own choices and preferences for the weddings. As there is not a single opinion about best time for wedding in Goa but one thing is clear, a majority of weddings in Goa take place between Octobers to March. The prime factor behind it is pleasant climate of this exotic location during this period.

Best Time for Weddings in Goa

Everyone wants to make their day of wedding memorable one. The time of wedding also plays a great role in the weddings as it keep varying from region to region. The best time for wedding in Goa is one such thing about which couples think a lot. The ideal time to tie the nuptial knot in Goa is from the months of October to March. The land located on the coasts of the Arabian Sea has certain influence of sea in determining the climate of the place. It is why the climate never becomes too hot. The lovely climate of the state imparts a magnetic appeal to the state attracting couples to tie the nuptial knot at this exotic location.

The meteorological predictions about Goa reveal that the state receives a heavy rainfall in the months from June to September. The climate remains hot and humid in the months of May to September. Proximity to this place to sea adds to the humidity level. Thats why the best time for Goa weddings is from the months of October to march. The weather becomes pleasant to play perfect host to the tourists, vacationers and couples.

Besides being the best time for wedding in Goa this season is also good for other events as well. The couples should plan well in advance for their dream weddings at this heavenly land. In the months of September to march the sky remains blue. The starry blue sky and crystal clear blue oceans, what a combination!

Special Features
The weather of Goa never touches extremes, thanks to its proximity to Tropic of Cancer. Although the best time for wedding in Goa is from October to March but other seasons are also good.
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