Hindu weddings in Goa
Hindu Wedding in Goa are regarded as Sacred affairs allowing bride and groom to enter into a new life and start Grihasti (the household). Goa Hindu Weddings are known for its liveliness, attracting Indians and foreigners alike to tie the nuptial knots at this most exotic location in India. The Hindu Wedding in Goa differ to certain extent from rest parts of India while keeping the basic tenets and rituals same.

Hindu weddings in Goa

Hindu weddings in Goa are not very different from the rest parts of India in terms of rituals and ceremonies to be performed. Hindu couples who want to tie the nuptial knot at this exotic capital of India have to come across these rituals.

Sakhar Puda

This is the pre wedding ceremony performed when the marriage was finalised. As a part of this ceremony a packet of sugar is exchanged between the families of bride and groom. In due course of time the engagement ceremony is called as Sakhar Puda and performed a day or two before the weddings.

Marriage Ceremony

On the day of the wedding at the auspicious moments , the bride's maternal uncle escort her to the mandap, the place where weddings has to be performed. The bride and groom are not allowed to catch the glimpse of each other. After chanting of mantras when the couples are allowed to view each the rice grains are also showered on them. After exchanging garlands the couples go for the seven rounds or Saptapadi.

Laxmi Narayan Puja

Laxmi Narayan Puja is post wedding ceremony of Goan Hindu weddings in which the bride and the bridegroom are worshipped assuming them as Goddess Laxmi and Lord Narayan. On the completion of these rituals the bride is officially handed over by the bride parents to the groom who is now her companion for life.


It is the ceremony in which the brides father requests the family members of the groom to accept his daughter as part of their family.

Special Features
The various rituals and traditions of the Hindu weddings in Goa culminate to give the weddings at this exotic location a picture perfect appearance. The long cherished desires of the couples and their families find a beautiful expression during Hindu weddings in Goa.
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