Wedding Customs in Goa
Indian wedding customs have a great ritual significance as every wedding custom has its own meaning and are inherited over a long period of time. Goa wedding customs have its unique aura which attracts couples from all the corners of the globe to tie the nuptial knots. This predominantly Christian state is also an ideal venue for umpteenth Hindu weddings and other types of weddings.

Wedding Customs in Goa

The Indian society is passing through a phase of transition. The norms are changing and new norms are replacing older ones. The rules of marriages are being redefined and traditional marriages are giving ways to love marriages. Goa Wedding Customs have also gone through a drastic change in recent past and love marriages are not a shocking thing now.

Now a day the decisions of bride and the groom are also welcomed while making decision regarding weddings. But some peoples also go on their own opting for love marriage with their beloved. Large number of them decides to tie the knot in Goa and come across the Goa wedding customs. The third party influence as the middle man is no longer essential. Both the Families sit together, to chalk out the details regarding the weddings and customs to be followed.

Coming to terms with the changing times the Goan wedding customs have also changed for better. Now it is no longer mandatory to follow wedding banns on three consecutive Sundays. Due to increasing materialism the Couples want to perform these ceremonies in little time and are directly moving to the Chuddo, Ross and the commemorative lunch. Goa Wedding customs are comprehensive and consist of rituals instrumental in making both the families come together.

Special Features
The Chuddo and Ross ceremony is followed by the lunch offered to the beggars and poor in the memory of departed souls to win the blessings for the couples. Goa Wedding customs differs to some extent from the rest parts of the country but still loved and followed by the new age couples.
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