Goa wedding ceremony
Wedding ceremonies in Goa are known for lively celebrations and merrymaking. Weddings are glittering bashes in and when organised in exotic locations like Goa its joy achieves a new height. Goa wedding ceremony is something couples and guest will remember long after the ceremonies are concluded. Romance is the essence of marriage and if you have chosen a romantic venue like Goa, it is sure to happen.

Wedding ceremony in Goa

Goa wedding ceremonies projects a seamless blend of tradition and merrymaking. Couples and their families prepare for months for this most auspicious moment of life. Some like traditions... some modernity... and a lot others want a combination of both. It is why most of the Goan couples prefer to tie the holy knot in a combination of civil ceremony and rituals both as blessing of the deities may make their life journey a smooth affair. Goa wedding ceremonies can be of two types; Hindu or Catholic ceremony. Whatever be the way of nuptials the zeal at this moment is always high. More than weddings it is also a place for perfect get together.

Catholic Wedding Ceremony

The Catholic Goan wedding ceremony is a combination of words, hymns and other things solemnising the occasion. On these auspicious occasions the church is adorned with flower and petals.

Preparatory course

The bride and groom to be wed attend a Marriage Preparatory Course of one or three days where they come to know their new roles.

Wedding rituals

Welcoming the bride is another part of Goan wedding ceremony in which a car is sent to pick up the bride to be to the church. On arrival she is welcomed by the best men.

The Wedding Mass

The wedding mass starts with hymns and selected readings from the holy Bible.


The priest delivers a lecture regarding sacredness of marriage.

The Nuptials

One of the interesting Goa wedding ceremonies is Nuptials performed in the presence of priest.

The Solemn Promise

In this Goan wedding ceremony the couple vows to love each other during all thick and thins of life.

Special Features
There is another ceremony in which brides and groom exchange rings. These ceremonies increase the blissful moments of weddings many times.
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