Wedding Planner in Goa
With a large Christian population frothing the place, marriages are often solemnized in churches. For most of the people, intimate sunset beach wedding on white sandy beach in Goa is a dream. In addition, there are ample numbers of qualitative banquet halls making it a paradise for the wedding planner in Goa to arrange everything smoothly.

Weddings in Goa

Goa is a lifetime experience with exotic beaches, international tourist spots, a huge stretch of palm trees providing the perfect setting for a dream wedding. Goa is a land which redefines holidays and marriages with the exquisite mix of sun, beaches and surf. Alongside beaches the land is filled with dilapidated monuments and pre historic archives along with a large number of temples famous for its architecture, feasts and festivals and hospitable people with an enriched culture.
Uniqueness of Weddings and Rituals
The traditional Goa wedding is unique. The first step in this wedding is the function of proposal or utor. This act of proposal or first encounter among the agricultural communities is done in the morning and for the rich it is in the evening. There are different proposal types depending on the communities. For example the proposal manner in a typical Kunbi community may be different from other communities. After the proposal begins a long series of do's and don'ts.

The ritual is solemnized or the marriage is given permission when the bride receives the fulam i.e. sweets and flowers. After that the ceremony of getting dresses ready through cutting and sewing takes place. It is called sado (the name of dress). The sado is generally red in color, red symbolizing love. All the neighbors gather and the songs of praise are sung. The families undergo bhuim jevonn, a ritual meal in honor of the ancestors just before wedding. In rich catholic houses the same ritual goes by the name of bikariam jevonn. Few days before the wedding chuddo or the ceremony of wearing bangles take place. The brides keep fast on wedding day.

After the marriage is solemnized the bride and the groom's family meet each other at the border of the village, the ritual being known portonem. The marriage carnival is celebrated in the most exotic of places or beaches where one can see girls and boys in their best dresses wearing garlands dancing with the Goan folk dancers, having a glass of "feni" in foot tapping music. For a photographer or a poet the celebration would appear as the rhythm of life.

Make Arrangements with Professional Planners
While organizing your auspicious occasion at such astounding place, one thing you would ensure that the arrangements should be done at par with its naturist splendor. To cater to this requirement, you would require a professional hand such as the event planners. These specialists heft all the responsibility of the event’s preparation on to their shoulders and make you relax to welcome your guests enthusiastically. From selecting the venue to the decoration, these coordinators know how to implement all your aspirations, sans any hassle.

In the nutshell, the matrimonial event at this place is always renowned for the romance, color and extravaganza. It imparts a panoramic ambience for those who want to celebrate the special moment of the lifelong togetherness.

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